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The Lovers Who Never Were {Chapter 10}
Chapter Ten
Months passed since she had last talked to John or any of his “friends”. Caitlin was heartbroken. Summer came and she was now a year older. She became more involved in her church and in other activities so she didn’t have to think about John. Every once in a while she would see his screen name log onto the instant messenger and then immediately leave as soon as she tried to message him. Her heart would soar when she saw him come on; she hoped that he still loved her as she loved him. Caitlin longed to tell him the mishap with Mark, that it was just a misunderstanding, but he never allowed her to talk to him. She had e-mailed him, attaching a copy of the conversation so that he could see everything in context and explain that she had not done anything to hurt him, but hadn’t heard back from him since. It felt like she was going through withdrawal more and more as each day passed.
Caitlin spent a lot of time with Sarah, not wanting to be alone. Saran g
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The Lovers Who Never Were {Chapter 9}
Chapter Nine
Abigail sat on Gwen, waiting for Finnian to reappear. She nudged the horse into a trot and went about in a large circle, trying to keep herself and her horse entertained, when Mr. Mearns finally appeared. “I’m sorry, darling, for keeping you. It seems that I’m needed here tonight, I’m afraid.” His eyes rolled and his arms crossed over his chest, “Are you alright getting back on your own?” Abigail shrugged and turned away from his stare, anger grew in her thinking back to what Sandra had said, and could she have been correct? Was Finnian truly like that? She refused to answer him as she buckled her ankles into the sides of her horse and sped off, tears flying off her cheeks as she rode on. Gwen began to huff as they continued riding at full speed. After an hour, Abigail stopped to water her horse and allow some rest for the both of them. Her stomach growled as she lay down on fresh grass and stared at the sky. She felt silly for hav
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The Lovers Who Never Were {Chapter 8}
Chapter Eight
Caitlin stared at the messages on her screen. She re-read the discussion over and over again. She felt so stupid, being used for John’s own wiles, she thought he was serious. Caitlin held her stomach as nausea slowly began engulfing her reserve. Putting her earbuds in her ears, she turned on her cd player and listened to her latest burnt cd consisting of numerous songs of different artists. Tears brimmed in her eyes as she read over and over how this woman was John’s fiancée, she thought that over the months and the multiple times she allowed him to use her for his own sick purposes (of which she had a hard time understanding because she was so naïve in the nature of sexual things), and almost threw up, when she saw that John had logged online and had messaged her.
jmm1912z: Hello darling, I’m sorry I’m late. How was your day?
catipher: Don’t darling me, John, I know the truth, now.
jmm1912z: I’m not sure what you’re tal
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The Lovers Who Never Were {Chapter 7}
Chapter Seven
Abigail rode quickly through the brush on a shortcut to the main road. She hoped that no one would figure out where she was going once they knew she was gone, which, she figured, would be quite soon considering her mother had already begun making breakfast. As she rode, she played through how things could happen when she confronted the unexpected Sandra. She had a hard time broaching the subject, but thought of many ways she could. Abigail was not a girl who enjoyed confrontations; in fact she hated them and tried to avoid them as much as possible, but she figured that the best way would be to get it over with; like taking a leech off quickly. The sun rose higher and higher the longer she rode, and, after a few hours, she stopped to rest her horse and get her bearings.
They stopped along the side of the road in a nearby clearing, where she could still see a bit up the road, and noticed the ranch far, far away. It looks like a tiny doll house sitting on top of the furthest
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The Lovers Who Never Were {Chapter 6}
Chapter Six
Caitlin watched as Sarah and John introduced themselves to each other. Concern and jealousy nawed at her insides as it appeared John was flirting with Sarah. Tears sprang to her eyes as she watched Sarah return the advances with responses. Caitlin left the conversation and was immediately messaged by John.
jmm1912z: What’s wrong, my sweet? Why did you leave? Didn’t you want me to meet Sarah? I could have sworn that was what this was all about…
catipher: It appears that you’re a bit more interested in her than me..
jmm1912z: That’s silly. I have only eyes for you, please know that. I was only joking about with her, that’s all. Please forgive me?
Caitlin didn’t know what to think, nor could she understand why she was so angry all of a sudden. She had never met John and still had a hard time understanding how he could so quickly want to become her boyfriend when they had literally just started talking.
catipher: I guess so. 
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The Lovers Who Never Were {Chapter 5}
Chapter Five
Abigail collapsed on her bed as soon as she got through the door. A cool breeze swept through, evaporating the sweat that had accumulated on her forehead and neck from the dance. For some reason, the ride home felt very stuffy as well, though she couldn’t understand why. Possibly it was all of the emotions she felt, smothering her as she tried to figure out what had just passed between her and the ever elusive, Mr. Mearns. The scene kept playing over and over again in her mind no matter how hard she tried to erase it, she just couldn’t. Deep down, she didn’t want to. The night was quiet sans the chirping of newly awoken crickets and the lowing of a cow or two in the pasture. It was so peaceful. She jumped when she felt a thump on her bed.
Midnight, her cat, curled up beside her, purring like crazy. Snuggling into the cat, she remembered that she still had the evening’s attire on and that her mother would be extremely unhappy if she found cat fur all
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Writing away...

Sat Sep 26, 2015, 10:45 AM

Copyright 2010 Journal Skin by Airamneleb

I apologize for not writing in so long; I'm truly horrible at keeping up with any sort of journal since my life is so hectic with 2 kids and all. Anyway, I am almost to 50k for my first NaNo novel (I know, a year later lol), and I'm pretty happy. I can't wait to print it off and revise! I'm such a geek ^_^

I had my gastric sleeve surgery back in May and have lost over 120 lbs so far! I'm feeling great, which gives me more energy to write, write, write! 

Not much else going on in my part of the world :) Feel free to check out the newest chapters I added (7-10). I'm currently on Chapter Eighteen. I hope to finish tonight with my final 2k words :) Enjoy!

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